Monday, August 6, 2012

Num Pang's Delicious Cambodian Sandwiches In Union Square

A sandwich to rival the Vietnamese Bahn Mi...maybe. Num Pang is a three year old, hole-in-wall, shop that brings traditional Cambodian sandwiches to New York City with it's two locations. One on 12th street just off of University and the other in near Grand Central at 41st street. Similarities abound between the Vietnamese and Cambodian subs with the use of vegetables that accent the meal. However that is where the similarities end. The sandwiches from Num Pang have a wider range of tasty meats and fish that truly set it apart from the more familiar Bahn Mi. For instance there are choices like:

Pulled Pork
Coconut Tiger Shrimp
Skirt Steak
Pork Belly
Turkey Breast

There is also a number of vegetarian selections, soups and salads to choose from, plus an amazing Grilled Corn on the Cob to go along with several other sides. Not to purposely steal a line from Transformers, but here 'there's more than meets the eye' when comparing to the Vietnamese sandwich. So head on over to Num Pang to try out one of their handcrafted selections so you too can compare which sandwich is better. As much as I love the Bahn Mi, Num Pang's sandwiches are far superior, however that doesn't mean I won't eat the former more often...some habits are hard to break.

Click the link below to read the Daily News article about Num Pang:

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