Friday, August 24, 2012

Fordham University Has The Worst Campus Food In The Country

There's not much to get excited about in the Bronx. The Yankees, the Bronx Zoo, the Botanical Gardens and Arthur Avenue...that's about it. Well, there also happens to be a very accredited University by the name of Fordham that resides there, but after a recent report people might not think so highly of it anymore.

The Princeton Review ranked Fordham University as having the worst campus food in the the entire country! Holy moly...and it's a religious institution too!

Some students were polled as to just what is wrong with the food and here are some of the comments:

"There was a grasshopper in my salad."

"Some people found bugs and thumbtacks in their food."

"The food is just bad man, I'd rather eat at White Castle."

Back in 2011 the student newspaper, The Ram, reported that the NYC Health department had cited mice, roaches and poor food storage at four of the university's facilities. Boy paying $41,000 a year doesn't get what it used to.

I say screw the campus food. Just across the street is one of the best food areas in the entire city. Arthur Avenue is one of the oldest Italian neighborhoods in the city and has mostly stayed that way. It houses numerous Italian Markets, including the famous Arthur Avenue Market, several delicious bakeries, fresh seafood stores, homemade cheese stores and a bunch of fine restaurants. Honestly why on Earth would you want to eat on campus when all of this is across the street anyway???

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