Saturday, August 4, 2012

Cinnabon Opens A Location In Libya?

Oh brother. It seems that there is no end to the trend of crappy food being popular anywhere in the world. Did you know that the expansion of US Fast Food restaurants around the world has led to the decline of good health? Not shocked? Neither am I.

So why not open a Cinnabon in Libya, doesn't that seem like a great idea? Apparently they tried to open the location in that nations capital of Tripoli two years ago, but the country's revolution made them delay a nice. I think it's great when an American company opens up a location in an area where just a year before a crazy ruler was promoting hate and terrorism. Maybe Cinnamon Buns are just what that country needs! Maybe creating some long term health problems will be the answer to peace in the region. Yeah clogged arteries! That way they will forget their disputes over land, or religion, or whatever, because they will be stuck in the emergency room with heart palpitations.

As a bonus the new Cinnabon location in Tripoli also sells Carvel Ice Cream! Now families over there are going to buy a Fudgie The Whale cake for their kids birthdays! Woo Hoo! It's quite possible that Fudgie could be the olive branch to world peace because who can argue that the cookie crunchies inside Carvel Ice Cream cakes aren't the best ever? You see we can all agree!

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