Saturday, August 11, 2012

Food & Wine Names The 25 Best Spots For Ice Cream In The U.S.

I don't know why we pay so much attention to lists, they really don't mean a thing and yet we want to see who ends up being the best. We inherently want to grade or judge the things we like and I say why? What does it do for us? Not much actually except cause bad feelings.

Lists are great conversation pieces and I would assume are probably really fun to come up with especially when it involves eating a ton of Ice Cream. 'Hey would you like to travel all over the country and find the best Ice Cream places?' Uh yeah! Honestly who cares who ends up as number one, we're talking about Ice Cream here, the greatest dessert in the history of the world!

So when Food & Wine came out with their 25 Best Spots for Ice Cream I was both skeptical and happy. Happy that it was about Ice Cream and happy that they named Blue Marble Ice Cream of Brooklyn as one of the best places to get Ice Cream. Skeptical because I think they probably tried not to pick two in this great city of ours. I will say that Blue Marble deserves the press because they make some amazing Ice Cream which I've recently had the honor of trying at Smorgasburg recently.

There's nothing like eating really good Ice Cream and it's easy to tell the difference between good and sub-standard fare. New York has lots to offer when it comes to this sweet treat, especially my favorite Cool Haus NY and their amazing Ice Cream Sammies. But why just have one favorite. Have 10, have 100...who cares? Why pigeonhole yourself into thinking you can have only one?

Long live Ice Cream!

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