Monday, July 5, 2010

Upadate: Kobayashi Pleads Not Guilty After A Night In Jail...And No Hot Dogs

Ok I promise this is the last thing I have to say on the Nathan's Hot Dog Contest...but I couldn't help myself. Honestly you can't make this stuff up. After pleading not guilty this morning in Brooklyn Superior Court Kobayashi was asked what had happened to get him arrested yesterday in Coney Island. He said...and I quote. ""I really wanted to compete in the contest and all of the people around me were yelling for me to go up there, so I did. I really wanted a hot dog in my mouth so bad. I got carried away and got arrested (ok the hot dog in the mouth thing I made that up)." Inside all he had gotten to eat was a Bologna sandwich and a glass of milk and said. "I'm really hungry, I wanted to eat hot dogs (this he actually said). I wish they had hot dogs in jail." Absurdity at a food eating contest you oxymoron.

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