Monday, July 5, 2010

Nathan's July 4th Hot Dog Eating Contest Is Disgusting

That's just gross. Thank goodness I wasn't able to attend this years Nathan's International Eating Contest like I said I was. Instead I watched it on ESPN while sitting on my couch. What did I take away from the 10 minute contest? It was freakin' disgusting. It was probably worse for me to be at home since the camera constantly showed close ups of these idiots shoving hot dogs into their mouths while if I had actually been there I probably wouldn't have been able to see all the detail. One dude had tons of hot dog shrapnel all over his face and it almost made me want to throw up. Then there's Joey Chestnut, the champion of the last four contests standing there...wait not just standing there, he convulsed as he shoved 54 hot dogs and buns into his mouth, truly horrendous. And there he was after the contest, after he'd won it again, holding up his bottle of Pepto Bismol, how fitting. However the true action was after the contest when banished former champ Kobayashi stormed the stage and was then summarily arrested. I didn't realize eating contests were so serious. Just so you can get the picture I have attached the link to the YouTube video of his arrest. Enjoy!

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