Saturday, July 17, 2010

Billy's Bakery: More Freakin' Cupcakes

I really wasn't planning on eating anymore cupcakes anytime soon especially since I am not a huge fan. Cupcakes man, they just happen. One of my co-corkers thought it would be a nice idea to have champagne and cupcakes to celebrate another co-corkers soon-to-be first born child, at 11am no less. I don't know about you but adding champange and cupcakes to a stomach that only had coffee in it is not necessarily the best thing to do so early in the day. Eh I thought, better than eating nothing. When the time came to select from the lovely cardboard box I centered in on the least obnoxious cupcake in all it's bland looking glory. Fortunately how it looked was the only bland part about it. It was Red Velvet Cake with Sourcream Frosting and it was extrememly good. We toasted and drank champagne at around 11:15...nothing like drinking on the job on a 90+ degree day. I could have eaten another one, of course, but thought it would be better to pass if I was going to make it through the rest of the day unscathed...if ya know what I mean. Champagne has an interesting effect on a semi-empty stomach or on the brain I should say, that's not really conducive to productivity if one should be so inclined. Could have been worse. The cupcakes were from Billy's Bakery in Tribeca, which is at 75 Franklin Street, but they also have another location at 184 9th Avenue.

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