Thursday, July 29, 2010

Pizza A Love Story

Being sick for the last week has certainly hampered my eating habits, in fact it made me not want to eat at all. Whether the food had no flavor (my Mom's chicken and peas, don't tell her I said that) or simply didn't stay with me long enough for me to enjoy it, being a foodie has never been so tough. But no matter how sick I get, no matter how much the food I am eating tastes like cardboard, I can always fall back on my one true love...Pizza. I have always loved Pizza and being from NYC it's part of our heritage or should I say it's in our veins (clogging them up of course). I am not particularly picky but I certainly appreciate the finer creations. I am also a comfort type of guy so if it's triangle and has cheese I will most likely enjoy what I am eating. However one must have standards. No Domino's, No Pizza Hut, No Papa John's. Period. We live and eat in NYC and should never resort to these sham artists because that's what they are. Now if I am at a party or event and all they have is a stack of Domino's pizzas I will mostly definitely eat a few slices all the while holding up my nose and wondering why on earth these people didn't just call a real pizza place, lack of vision I suppose. Without the bad there of course would be no good, and without the good there would be no great. This is what I live by. I feel it is important to continue eating Pizza at all different locations to get the full spectrum of taste instead of finding one great place and always going boring. Now there are always the special joints that warm the belly whenever they come to mind. Like John's Pizzeria on Bleeker. Grimaldi's in Brooklyn. DaVinci's in Bensonhurst. There are too many to mention. And I am not talking about any gourmet or nouveau joints because they fit into another category...'the not-really-pizza-category-if-you-can't-pick-it-up-and-fold-it-like-a-regular-slice-of-pizza-kind.' If you start talking to me about pizza with a million toppings on it I am gonna tell you to take a hike because after topping four it just ain't pizza no more. And if you say how much you love Hawaiian pizza with it's Ham and Pineapple on top I will send two large dudes from Brooklyn over to your house for a visit. Let's just say they don't eat pizza with Ham and Pineapple. In all seriousness I loves me some pizza, any day of the week any time of the year.

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  1. yEAH!!! wHAT YOU said about Pizza is right on the money, my friend. I luvs me some real pizza too. I mean really, is there anything better? Sometimes, but it is my favorite. I absolutely love your blog. You do get around and you have great taste in food and eat plenty of sandwiches. My kind of guy. Thanks for sharing.

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