Friday, July 23, 2010

Chipotle Is Great Any Day Of The Week!

I declare that Monday's be called Chipotle day in New York, in fact I think Tuesday should also be as well. Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday are already considered Chipotle Day in NYC (not really) so by making it also the first two days of the week that means the entire week is dedicated to going to Chipotle...ugh that is already making me feel full. Previously on this blog I compared Chipotle to a local burrito joint (Dos Toros) and if you are looking for authentic burritos Chipotle is not for you. But what you do get is fresh, delicious and yes very filling, made to order any way you like it and I think that's why this chain is so very successful. Now I am no fan of chain eateries but in recent weeks I have come around a bit on the ones (like Chipotle) who go out of their way to serve us the best quality they can provide without all the harmful additives that you find in a lot of the other chains (you know what I am talking about). Since I have decided to call everday Chipotle Day, it is of no significance that I chose last Sunday to visit my local branch and stuff my face. The only problem I ever have is deciding whether to have a burrito or a burrito bowl, this time I chose the burrito because I was feeling extra hungry. Carnitas (Pork) burrito to go, Pinto Beans, Mild Salsa, a heaping spoonful of Sour Cream, Cheese and little bit of Lettuce please. Then it's wrapped up into what I call the 'Silver Bullet'and I was back to work to sit down and polish it off. Of course there is a proper way to eat a 'Silver Bullet'. You must peel back the aluminum foil and unfurl only the top portion keeping the lower half still covered so as not to have the whole thing fall apart. Oh man it was so good! Unfortunately I was so full that I had to unbutton the top button on my jeans because I just had to finish the whole damn thing (not really, the button thing was just for effect). Another day, another Chipotle Day! Whoo-Hoo.

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