Saturday, October 16, 2010

Vesuvio Bakery In Soho, It's Not The Original But It Sure Looks Like It

Oh cookies. Sweet delicious yummy in my tummy cookies piled high in a storefront so I have to stop in and buy some. And that's what happened yesterday walking thru SOHO when I passed Vesuvio Bakery on Prince Street. Well actually it's not Vesuvio at all, it's actually The Birdbath Bakery created by The City Bakery's founder Maury Rubin. The original Vesuvio closed a couple of summers ago after almost 90 years in the neighborhood, pretty sad indeed, and it had been feared by many that someone would come along and open up a Chipotle or something. Thankfully Mr. Rubin decided to leave the original facade keeping an historic sight from being torn down and forgotten. Back to the cookies. There's nothing like seeing a gigantic stack of delicious cookies in a window to make you salivate even before you have eaten lunch. So what. Inside the quaint little shop there were plenty of tasty offerings but I had my mind set, one Chocolate Chip and one Oatmeal, $5 bucks please...yikes! Ok they were oversized but the price made me expect an amazing treat. They weren't amazing, they were ok, maybe better than ok, I certainly ate them both however. I guess it wasn't what I expected but as the saying goes...never judge a book by it's cover, or a bakery from it's storefront.

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