Saturday, October 2, 2010

Rainy Days Call For Soup At Hale & Hearty

I think it has pretty much rained for three days straight and something inside of me soup, eat soup you fool! Ok the fool part was for dramatic effect but it sure sounded cool. Anyway...I like soup all year round, I'm weird like that. Hot, cold, rain, snow...doesn't matter, if I want it I get it. I will admit however that a rainy day sure does make me crave a warm cup of soup. So off I went to Hale & Hearty on 17th Street near Union Square, a place I had never been but I'd always heard really good things about their soups.  As rain pelted me from all angles I entered the shop at the height of the lunch hour and it was packed. No worries, the line moved pretty quickly. As usual with me I wasn't sure how filling just a cup of soup was going to be and considered adding a sandwich...I was very confused. After looking over the soup choices I managed to land on the Asparagus, Potato and Leek Soup and a pack of Hale & Hearty's own Oyster Crackers (Oyster Crackers are a complete necessity when eating soup). While waiting for a free cashier I stood looking at all their pre-made sandwiches nicely arranged in the case. There were all kinds but I just couldn't pull the trigger...whimp. Back into the rain. Funny thing is that I contemplated getting something else all the way back to Apple? A Banana?  A large slice of Cheesecake? Oh well, it would be just the Soup. Thankfully it was really great and the nice flow of crackers into the cup really helped, amazingly I was also pretty full. I have one question though...what is it about Asparagus that makes our pee smell so funny? I'd never really paid attention to it before but after eating this Soup I was like whew!

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