Saturday, October 30, 2010

Breaking The Starbucks Needle Off In My Vein

The only reason I know who this person is in the picture is because I have an 8 year old daughter and actually she doesn't even like Miley. Now I have no real reason to despise this child so I will steer clear of making any snide comments about her personally or professionally. What I will comment on is that lovely cup in her hands and how silly people can be when it comes to buying a cup of coffee. Apparently when Miley posted this pic of herself on Twitter (which she apparently no longer uses) she had previously been wandering the streets of NY trying to find a Starbucks location. In her tweet she stated...thank god for GPS. Hmmm...guess she didn't think to check where the locations were before she started wandering around. First let me just say that this is F***ing New York City and there are literally thousands of choices for good coffee here within a few block radius wherever you happen to be standing. This is a byproduct of a much larger picture. Miley is from Nashville where her daddy, Billy Ray Cyrus, made a name for himself singing 'Achy Brakey Heart' (No Comment), and Nashville has many less choices to get a good cup of coffe than NYC. Less people = Less Choices. With that mindset the bar is set much much lower and the convenience of the drivethru Starbucks far outweighs whether there is better or cheaper coffee to be had. And this can relate to any food for that matter. Applebee's, Friday's, Outback you name it, name recognition can go a long way, and that's not saying that those establishments aren't successful here in NY because they are (also a topic I have already covered). I don't want to beat a dead horse but if there is one mantra that all New Yorkers live by it's choice. So that takes me back to the picture of Miley or Hanna Montana, whatever you prefer. She's in the largest city in the world with more choices in a 12 block radius than the whole of Nashville and she gets excited about going to Starbucks. But that's not her fault, she's been trained that way,  thinking convenience or familiarity over quality. And with that I say bye bye to my good friend Starbucks. I'm cutting the cord, or as I like to say I'm disconnecting the IV. It's time for me to find a new friend, one that doesn't have overly cool people with black aprons working behind the counter already knowing my order as I walk through the door....that of course is until I take a trip outside of New York to a place that has a drivethru Starbucks, how convenient!

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