Saturday, October 9, 2010

Hurry! Watermelon Drink And Pork Buns Before It's Too Late!

Before it gets too cold outside I mean. Normally a summertime favorite, the Watermelon Ice drink at Tai Pan Bakery in Chinatown is fabulous refreshment. And no visit to Tai Pan is complete without 4 or 6 or 8(or 12) of their scrumptious BBQ Pork Buns, at least that's what my wife tells me, which I also happen to agree with(because I have to). So it was purely by chance the other day that I turned the corner onto Canal Street, smelling the stench of fish and suddenly feeling ill, that I pushed open the doors to Tai Pan for a breather. What a relief! As usual the hustle and bustle was upon me, pushing me to the back where the yummy buns(insert joke if you like) were lined up like a battalion waiting to be conquered, Vive Le France!(I don't know why I said that but it sounded good). A wonderfully plesant and helpful girl came out from the back and said..."What you want?" Six buns later I was standing at the counter with my tray waiting for them to take my money. "What you have?" The lady behind the counter said so eloquently. While standing there being pushed from behind by gnomish Chinese ladies, I had decided that I wanted a Watermelon drink even though the calendar said it was October. "You want one with ice? You know it's cold right?" Yes I know ice is cold, thanks. Anyway a few moments later I walked out the door, icy drink in one hand and Pork Bun filled sack in the other...heaven...except I was back amongst the stinky fish smell. Quickly I high-tailed it out of there and headed for work where I would plow through a couple of buns and finish my drink. To rub it in my wife's face I called her up and slurped the drink in her ear then hung up as to say ha, can't have none. Of course I had to call her back and apologize but it was well worth it. Still warm when I pulled one out to eat it, the Pork Buns were as delicious as always. The tasty Pastry filled with BBQ Pork and sliced Onions is a conflict of flavors in your mind but not in your mouth(sounds familiar). Surprisingly filling, I'd only just bitten into my second one when my tummy said...'Ok mister, put down the bun and step away from the table.' It was good while it lasted. No worries, I'd eat one on the train ride home I thought, leaving just enough for my wife to forgive my rudeness on the phone earlier in the day.

Pure love in your tummy

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