Saturday, October 2, 2010

Mimi & Coco's Yummy Teriyaki Balls, Sounds A Bit Gross But It Wasn't

Those are the tasty balls that the nice little Japanese girls gave me at the street fair today...oh come on, get your mind out of the gutter! Out in front of work today is an extremely crowded street fair that offers up some of the most bad-for-you-food in the city. It's usually fast and simple so you can carry it around with you. Sausage and Peppers carts. Gyro stands. Delicious golden Arrepas. All good enough to give you cardiac arrest right on the spot. So after walking about the area stretching my legs at lunch today I strolled thru the fair with a bit of a growl in my belly, however I wasn't looking for anything crappy. Not an easy task indeed. And if it weren't for Mimi & Coco's Japanese Dumpling Stand I think I would have returned to work with that growl cursing my existence. There wasn't actually much of a choice, Pizza Dumplings or Teriyaki Dumplings. I don't know about you but I am not eating anything called a Pizza Dumpling at a Japanese food stand, this is New York City afterall. So I chose the Teriyaki Pork Dumplings which the girl quickly loaded into a styrofoam container, brushed on some sauce, sprinkled some crunchy things and added some chopped Almonds all for only $5 bucks, what a deal! Hardly enough to completely satisfy the growl, the Dumplings were a very tasty snack that I would choose again if I had the chance. Only next time I will double the order. Check out MimiandCoco_NY on Twitter to see where they will be next.


  1. I had these, they're delicious! And the Japanese girls were so cute!

  2. Yes the girls were certainly part of the package, super nice with big smiles. That always helps especially at a street fair where there are so many choices...thanks for the comment