Friday, October 22, 2010

Getting Social At The Stanton Social, Oh And Warm Doughnuts

My night started of with a Basil-Lime Gimlet and ended with Warm I need to say anymore? I don't get down to the Lower East Side often enough to sample it's wears but when I do it's always a pleasure. The occasion was work related and The Stanton Social was picked by one of my fellow employees, what a great choice! Located at 99 Stanton Street, the restaurant with it's very unassuming frontage rests just one block below Houston right near Katz Delicatessen (Best Deli in NYC). The thing about the LES is that there are so many hidden gems in places that you would never think to look, that's why it is so intriguing to be down there and makes me realize that I need to visit there more often. We met a fellow collegue upstairs in the lounge, already drinking of course, and waited patiently for the rest of our party to show up. In front of him was a Basil-Lime Gimlet in a martini glass that looked and smelled fabulous, so of course I had to have one even if my boss called it a girly drink. Sorry I don't care if it looked girly, it tasted damn good and I had four of them! On to the dining. Being a Monday evening at 6:00 pm the place was completely empty, but looks can be deceiving. Within moments the place was completely packed. The volume was cranked up high with music and conversation as our server brought us plate after plate of delicious tapas. Oh yeah did I mention that this was a tapas place? Anyway here is the list of the samplings that we were served in no particular order:

Lobster Rolls
Kobe Beef Sliders (with homemade sourcream and onion potato chips scattered on the plate)
French Onion Soup Dumplings (Wow!)
Baby Spinach Salad (Not a tapa, but damn good)
Red Snapper Tacos (ate them even though I don't eat fish)
Chicken N' Waffles
Braised Short Rib Soft Tacos (Very spicy)
Rosemary and Honey Glazed Parsnips (Not so good)
Herb Dusted French Fries
and some Octopus dish that I didn't eat  

They were all very good but with 7 people we could have had a few more dishes, or let me say I could have eaten a few more dishes. Somehow my attention diverted to the fact that I was only one block south of Katz and could easily stop in and get a Pastrami on Rye, that was until they handed me the dessert menu. First choice on top was Warm Doughnuts, nothing else, and that was all I needed to see, I was hooked. The only problem? There were 6 other people at the table and we had already shared everything else. People and desserts are funny. I don't often eat dessert at home, once in a while a piece of fruit or an Italian Ice. But there is just something silly about people eating dessert amongst others at a restaurant, I guess no one wants to be seen as being gluttonous or perceived as over-indulgent...not me of course. If I feel like eating something sweet at someone elses expense I most certainly will! Back to my Doughnuts...more like warm balls with Sugar, served in a bowl with the choice of Caramel, Chocolate and some kind of Berry Sauce for dipping. No sharing here. Ok I gave one away but that was asking a lot. Pastrami no longer necessary. So I highly recommend The Stanton Social and would love to visit again to try all the little dishes I didn't get a chance to eat the first time.

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