Wednesday, August 4, 2010

This Little Piggy Ate Roast Beef: That's Actually The Name Of The Place

...And yes it describes me as well because I am a little piggy who ate roast beef. A thank you has to go out to New York Magazine for mentioning this place in their best sandwiches in the city article otherwise I may  never have known it even existed. So earlier today when I was sitting here bored trying to think of what to eat I was thankful that I had saved the article for reference (actually this place was only mentioned on the website where they had the expanded list), and off I went to 149 1st Ave between 9th and 10th to give it a try. I had read the menu before leaving and decided to order a That Way (yes it's a sandwich name), with it's Roast Beef, Mozzarella and Au Jus on a hero...I couldn't wait. Probably a longer walk than I should have taken on a hotter than expected day, I made it all the way over there in just under 15 minutes and could have easily missed the place because it is so damn small. But that's what makes places like this so cool. I walked in and could immediately smell the Roast Beef cooking in the back, at least I thought it was cooking. Taped all over the walls were dollar bills (and a couple of five dollar bills as well) with different peoples names written on them, I didn't bother to ask but it looked really cool, added to the ambience. There was total of about five people in the place and that seemed to be about all it could handle. "That Way to go please." I said acting like I was a regular or something. The guy at the counter barked out the order and turned to ask if I wanted a pickle, he said they make them themselves. A pickle with a strange! Of course I took the pickle. In a matter of moments he handed over my bag and off I went back to work to taste, I mean devour the extra heavy sandwich that I had ordered. When it comes to a sandwich heavy is always a good thing because that usually means there is a lot of meat. By the time I had gotten back to work, other than me being completely drenched with sweat (well worth it btw), the bottom of my bag had almost ripped open due to the Au Jus seeping a bit...a good sign I thought (lucky Au Jus) and quickly made my way to the employee eating area. Thankfully alone I peeled back the aluminum foil to find my dripping wet (ok that sounds a little funky) sandwich with the Mozzarella melted out the sides yelling Eat Me! So I did. Much like someone saying they had an out-of-body experience of the supernatural, I had an equally amazing in-the-body experience while eating this sandwich. It was so good with just the right amount of Meat (a ton), Cheese and Au Jus, especially the Au Jus because it didn't over-saturate the roll, very important to me. I'll admit that I only got three quarters of the way thru before I had to skip the rest of the bread so I could finish off the remaining Roast Beef, I just couldn't leave it. The roll was excellent as well and held up rather exceptionally throughout. I highly recommend you all to visit this wonderful little whole in the wall if you ever find yourself in the area, your tummy will be very happy.

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