Monday, August 2, 2010

Parisi Bakery: Three Meat Bread To Die For

It might not look like much in the picture but this wonderful loaf of bread just might be the best bread I have ever eaten. That is really saying a lot since I am a bread enthusiast and generally believe the secret to a great sandwich is the bread. But what if all the sandwich needs IS the bread? Quite and oxymoron if you ask me. At Parisi Bakery at 198 Mott Street they have created a loaf of bread that needs no accompaniment, no lettuce and tomato, no oil and vinegar, no mayo. Everything you need is already baked right in: Prosciutto, Pepperoni and Salami. Prior to my first experience with this unbelievable bread I had always lived by the thought that the greatest bread came from only one bakery in the Bronx, Terranova's on E187th in the heart of Arthur Avenue. However over the last few years I have discovered numerous places that make a fine piece of bread but Parisi's Three Meat Bread is far and away the best...yes that is saying a lot but I like doing that. Honestly this isn't a loaf for a sandwich, it is meant to be eaten solo perhaps with some fresh cut slices of Pecorino and a glass of Red Wine...oooh and some Olives! Ok I just made myself really hungry and will have to head over to Parisi's soon for a snack. One thing to remember if heading over to the bakery for a sample...get there early in the day because by 2pm they are usually sold out of the Three Meat. They also make some tasty sandwiches and have Homemade Fresh Mozzarella too.

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