Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Grimaldi's Pizzeria Shut Down For Non-Payment Of Taxes...Then Re-Opens After They Pay Up

Grimaldi's is back open for business and is not going anywhere, or so they say. Not only do they owe the State of New York $150,000 but they are also being sued for back rent in the amount of $44,000! A sign of the times I guess. This super popular pizzeria is always packed and usually has a long line of people waiting to get in and eat their delicious pizza, so it is extremely curious that this would happen. The owners have said that this was all a dispute and is not going to affect the business, however you gotta wonder why they haven't been paying their rent or their taxes...As long as they keep making pizza that's all that matters to me.

Update 7:12 pm:
Due to the dispute over unpaid rent, Grimaldi's has already lost it's right to stay in their current location past this fall when their lease is up. No matter what happens in court, if the judge finds in their favor, they can no longer re-up and extend their lease. So this means that Grimaldi's will have to close it's doors and move into a new location...that sucks.

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