Friday, August 27, 2010

Cubano Panini From The...Uh...Oh Yeah! Soho Garden Deli

Every so often I work at my company's downtown location in Soho and often times I have ventured into the Soho Garden Deli, or as my fellow workers call it, The Dirty Deli. For six months now that is what I referred to it, that is until my last visit there when I finally read the name on the awning, how original. far I have been generally pleased with the quality of sandwiches at the place, so the other day I ordered the Cubano Panini Special with high hopes...ok not really 'high' hopes but I just wanted a good meal. I watched closely as the guy behind the counter assembled the Ham, the Roast Pork, the Swiss Cheese and especially the slices of Pickles. Pickles are the most important part of the Cubano...wait, wait, no their not, the Roast Pork is the most important part of the sandwich and the Pickles add the extra necessary flavor that makes a Cubano so special. Oh and I can't forget the Deli Mustard. An overall filling experience that I am sure to have many more times. The glorious Soho Garden Deli is located on W. Broadway between Grand and Canal right across from the Soho Grand Hotel.

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  1. Ohhhh Jeeezus.. this thing looks like a way of life. frikin amazing.