Saturday, August 14, 2010

Artie's Delicatessen: A Sandwich Bigger Than My Head!

Look at all that meat! This is what happens when you order a Pastrami and Corned Beef sandwich at a Jewish deli in New York, not to mention it's on delicious Rye bread with Swiss and Cole Slaw. There were a lot of choices on the menu and believe me they all looked really good, but I figured since it was my first time at Artie's (83rd and Broadway) I needed to order a staple(not an actual staple). First came a bowl of Cole Slaw and a bowl of Pickles for me to snack on, I mean what's a meal at a Jewish deli without Cole Slaw and Pickles? Nothing that's what. At first glance the Cole Slaw looked like the run of the mill that you can get pretty much anywhere, but when I tasted it I realized that it was unique. It was fresh and delicious and a great counterpart to the Sour Dills in the next bowl over. Now when they brought over my sandwich I was a bit shocked. I am pretty used to sandwiches with a ton of meat on them but when I say there was a ton of meat on this sandwich I am not kidding, I didn't know if I was going to be able to take a bite! But somehow I managed. The great thing about the sandwich is that the meat was still really warm plus it was extremely tender and I was able to smush it enough to fit it into my mouth. What a sandwich! The meat was fantastic but honestly I still prefer the Pastrami at Katz, I mean who doesn't. Here the slices of meat were much thinner making it a bit more dry, however the addition of the Cole Slaw negates that and creates a great sweet and salty mix that is fantastic. Oh and I can't forget that there was a smidge of deli Mustard on the bread as well adding to the already overwhelming flavor combo. I have to be honest...I couldn't finish the whole thing, plus my last few bites were with a fork because the sandwich fell apart(not a bad thing). To say I was a bit full is an understatement so instead of just hopping on the train feeling like I would explode I decided to walk off the meal...83rd all the way down to 19th, crazy I know but this is New York!

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