Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Shrimp, Chicken And Vegetable Tempura At Haru

Look, I don't eat sushi and I probably never will, so when I go to a Japanese place there are only so many choices for me to eat, Tempura being one of them. With that in mind I usually expect that it will be very good especially at the prices Haru is charging. This chain establishment has numerous locations (7 in NYC, 1 Boston, 1 Philadelphia) and offers up a stylish experience. I started my meal off with an order of Edamame, essential when dining Japanese and I just plain love it. After that came my House Salad with it's extra delicious dressing which I polished off rather quickly in a stunning display of my chopstick prowess. The Tempura arrived on an oversized plate and was set in front of me with a small dish of sauce for dipping. At first glance it appeared that it would not be enough to fill me up (it ended up being plenty) because there is only so much Tempura that one can consume. There was also a small bowl of white rice that I had to contend with, but that was a welcome addition. The Tempura was crunchy and delicious, especially the pieces of Sweet Potato, and the Tempura sauce wasn't too salty which can happen sometimes. Overall I was satisfied with the meal and it did actually fill me up. I have a tendency to over eat at a Japanese/Sushi Restaurant becuase like I said there are only so many things that I like, but at Haru, I am happy to say, nothing extra was ordered. Thank goodness because I don't think I could have afforded it!

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