Thursday, August 26, 2010

Rockwell Express: Is It A Burger Place Or Not?

Looks ok doesn't it? Well just ok didn't cut it. The other day walking across 8th street I stumbled upon this place called Rockwells with a logo that resembled a burger...or so I thought...

I mean that's a burger isn't it? Well it looked that way to me and I thought why not give another burger place a try, so I went right in. First off I wasn't sure where to start and there wasn't really anyone to ask either, but that's something that I understand. So when I walked up to the counter all I could see was salad stuff and it was the only thing I could see on the menu. It was a mixed salad ordering station and I thought...'Where are the burgers?' Finally I spotted someone who guided me to the farthest register to my right where I picked up a to-go menu and quickly perused the burger choices. Apparently their specialty was what they called Mixed-In Burgers where you can choose the ingredients which will be mixed in with the burger and then cooked. Interesting I thought. Well not so much. It was ok, I mean it was edible. Also they used a potato bun which apparently is becoming a tradition here in the city, how unfortunate. On the side I got an order of Onion Rings which were also edible. Overall I really can't say I was disappointed since I really didn't have any expectations from the start and I shouldn't have. Sometimes you win and sometimes you lose. My stomach will go on. If you must know Rockwells is located at 53 East 8th Street.

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