Monday, September 20, 2010

When You Don't Know What To Eat, Eat The Pizza "I Dunno"

This beautiful creation above is called the Mezzaluna and thanks to the wonderful people over at New York Magazine I must now go run out and try it. It is a Pizza and Calzone hybrid that is sure to make me drool...oops it already has...anyone have a kleenex? Anyway you can find this at Olio Pizza e Piu at 3 Greenwich Ave near 6th Avenue. However Peppino's in Brooklyn claims that it created a similar concoction many moons ago when a customer could decide if he wanted a pizza or a calzone. Apparently the owner, Joe Mancino, told the guy to hold on a sec while he put something together. He called it the Pizza I Dunno and now he sells a ton of them each week. Man, you know what that means? I gotta go to both places to try them out, what a shame.


  1. Ola, Steve

    I love stories like these. And I love Pizza too! Just came over to see what cooks in your world. Looking forward to your next post. Hope all's well. Take care, Keri

  2. You are great and I really appreciate you reading my baloney(officially bologna but I like the other spelling better!)