Thursday, September 16, 2010

Fashion's Night Out Was A Filling One At Work

Last Friday, September 10th, New York City was abuzz with fashion as everyone was out late shopping for clothes. What did that mean for me? Other than having trouble navigating the streets of SoHo because there were too many damn people, not really much accept for a lovely dinner at my jobs downtown location. Now I don't work in fashion, I work for a furniture company, but we decided to participate in the festivities and kept the store open until 11pm. So to reward ourselves we ordered out for dinner and we ordered from one of my favorites, La Esquina. After looking at all the delicious choices I finally narrowed it down to Pork or Chicken, finally deciding on the Pollo Asado or Roasted Chicken. The dish came with White Rice, Black Beans, Cooked Onions, Tomato Salsa, Avocado with some White Cheese crumbled on top. Thinking I needed a side I ordered the Yucca Fritas or Yucca Fries which I thought would be a nice crunch with my meal. We also got a couple Elotes Callejeros which is Grilled Corn on a stick, mucho delicioso! So with much anticipation we sat in the showroom and waited for the delivery man who we assumed would be slowed by all the throngs of fashionistas littering the I had some beer. And then I had another one, let's just say it was a long wait. Anyway he finally showed up and it was time to eat. However once we spread everything out on the table it seemed as if something was missing. My Yucca Fritas! I was so looking forward to them. The fact was that when we placed the order over the phone the girl taking the order wasn't exactly totally fluent in English and probably didn't understand. Now I know it's a Mexican restaurant in a city that has a lot of Spanish speaking residents, but the last time I checked it was still the U.S. and English is our first language. This is not my rallying cry for or against immigration laws, that is not my issue. My concern here is for my stomach and how it would be unfulfilled without the delectable Yucca Fritas. Actually in all seriousness you gotta have a competent person answering your phones, and when I say competent I mean someone who fully understands the orders coming in, that means that they understand English first. It's really not that hard. Oh well, I digress. Saddled with an empty feeling in my belly I started in on the rest of my meal. As always it was extremely delicious as I couldn't have been more satisfied with the Pollo Asado. I polished off an Elotes Callejeros (Ear of Corn) in between forkfuls of Chicken, Rice and Beans, but I still felt like I needed something more. Luckily my colleague had asked for an order of Maduros (Sweet Plantains) and had actually gotten them...lucky bastard, so I scooped up a couple and man were they good. Overall I was very happy with all the food...that I received, it's always good at La Esquina and I will forgive their hapless phone order taker. Next time I will just have to ask her to repeat what I asked for. La Esquina is located at 114 Kenmare Street, just a block and a half from Spring Street.

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