Thursday, September 16, 2010

Fast, Cheap Lo Mein...Oh And Did I Say Cheap?

Fast and cheap are words that are becoming taboo in the food service industry. Those two words have always been associated with food that is really terrible for us and probably in the long run makes us ill. As much as I agree with that statement I also know that there can still be fast and cheap food that is high quality. Now no one would associate high quality with a fast food Chinese restaurant which of course I also agree, but really it's all about what you order. The other day, a little light in the wallet and hungry for some Chinese, I walked in to Lin's Chinese Restaurant, if you can really call it that. It is the typical take out Chinese shop that you can find all over the city and usually the food isn't that great...but it's cheap and fast! Anyway the key at these places is to stay away from all the Fried foods that they specialize in. Stick to the basics. White or Brown Rice (Sometimes you have to ask for the Brown if it's not on the menu) with Vegetables and Chicken. Noodle dishes are simple and often good. Steer clear of the Soups and the Fried Rice, too much salt and often not very good. So I decided on the Roast Pork Lo Mein which for a small order was $4.75 and well within my budget for the day. In and outta there in under 15 minutes. When I got it back to work I was surprised by the amount of food that I received and immediately knew it would fill me up. It was actually pretty good too and I almost couldn't finish it all either. If you must, Lin's Chinese Restaurant is at 32 East 23rd Street, I don't necessarily recommend it.

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