Saturday, September 4, 2010

Lunch With The Boss At Maxie's Bar & Grill

Now I know what you are thinking, my boss shows up unannounced and says he wants to take me to lunch in a crowded restaurant where I won't make a scene right? Well ease your fears and relax, he didn't take me there to fire me or well...maybe he just changed his mind over a really good Grilled Chicken sandwich. I don't care which it is because I'm still employed and the sandwich was really good too. When the two of us head out to lunch he always leaves it to me to choose our destination and lately I have been running out of suggestions...not really of course but I feel funny always picking the place. So as we stood outside momentarily pausing as I racked my brain, a strong wind blew the scent of burgers into my nose and I decided on Maxie's Bar & Grill which makes some of the finest meat patties in the city. Of course that meant we would both order Grilled Chicken sandwiches. The burgers certainly all looked good on the menu, even the coffee burger sounded intriguing, but I just felt like eating a piece of chicken. I chose the aforementioned Grilled Chicken Sandwich with Lettuce, Roasted Red Pepper, Fresh Mozzarella and an extra delicious Chipotle Mayo. I also changed from regular fries to Sweet Potato Fries as my side order, which is always the smart choice. My boss then copied my order, sans Sweet Potato Fries (just the regular fries), but also added on some Beer Battered Onion Rings which he implored me to share, not a hard thing to do. Out quicker than I expected, the sandwiches looked amazing, so I dove right in first plucking the Half-Sour Pickle for a taste. Really good. I spread on some of the Mayo and took my first bite of the sandwich which was really huge in my hands and almost impossible keep together. First let me just say that Fresh Mozzarella on any sandiwch is a huge plus in my book and automatically makes the enjoyment that much better. Unfortunately I was completely distracted by my boss dismantling the sandwich, tossing aside the wonderful roll for no apparrent reason other than he said it was just too big. Whimp. Then I wondered why the f**k did he order the damn Onion Rings for? Back to my meal. The Sweet Potato Fries were just that, sweet and I plowed thru them like a tractor occasionally dipping them in the Chipotle Mayo. Highly recommended. At the completion of the meal it was truly a tale of two eaters...mine practically finished and my boss' half eaten, what a waste. Now you might think that I felt like a pig at that moment but all I could feel was pity because he seemed like he couldn't enjoy the meal. Could it have been the company? Maybe I am a boring partner only concered with taking a photo of his meal and blogging about it. Sounds cool doesn't it. Maxie's Bar & Grill is technically located at 233 Park Avenue South but is actually around the corner on 19th Street. The main restaurant, Angelo and Maxie's Steakhouse, is on Park.


  1. LOL .. too f***ing funny, Steve. The man just doesn't know how to behave in front of good grub. At first glance, it looked like your fries were over done. But thats before I knew they were sweet Potato.. yum.. So does your boss read your blog or are you still working there?

    Great post. Keri

  2. Yes I still work there...or here. He knows I have a blog but he doesn't read it...better that way. Thanks for reading, I really enjoyed writing that one.