Saturday, September 15, 2012

McDonalds Opening Up A Vegetarian Restaurant?...In India

In India it's the Maharaja-Mac and it's made with Chicken patties instead of meat. You see in India most people don't eat beef because cows are sacred so in the 250 or so locations of McDonalds there they only serve Chicken and Fish.

So in two of India's holiest cities McDonalds will be opening two Vegetarian Only restaurants to take advantage of the business there. Hmmm, will these holy people really want to go to McDonalds before or after they make a pilgrimage? I'm not sure.

It seems interesting to me that the company will be opening these restaurants and yet they really offer no Vegetarian options in the US....the Fries don't count. I'm talking about a Meat-less burger, they could call it the Soy-Mac or something like that. However the company doesn't have any plans to add any Vegetarian options nor is there any call for it from the public because you know, Vegetarians don't really go there...

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