Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A Shake Shack Grows In Brooklyn

Man! I just want one damn IN-N-OUT Burger! Well until that fateful day we have Shake Shack and reports are that a new one will open in Brooklyn early next year. Apparently SS will get a prime location at the Fulton Street Mall at the corner of Fulton and Adams. Wait, isn't Tony's Famous Pizza already on that corner? Yeah but Tony's will be moved to a new location to accomodate Mr. Meyer's burger joint. The Fulton Street Mall is currently under a major renovation project with lots of new and fancy stores joining in on the fun (gentrification anyone?) Of course not everyone is happy about it. Many of the current store owners feel like they are being pushed out, which they are, and see this as a bad sign. Who knew a burger could do so much damage...other than your intestines of course. 

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