Thursday, November 4, 2010

Ruben's Empanadas: Feeding NYC Since 1975, Just Hold The Raisins

These are not yo momma's empanada's. Nor are they like the ones you'll find in the Cuchifritos (Hispanic Luncheonette) all over town where they are deep fried and golden. Not that those aren't great, because they are. Ruben's Empanada's hail from Argentina and come in a wide variety of choices. My personal fave is the one pictured on top, the Broccoli with Mozzarella and Ricotta, just add hot sauce. You also have the choice of regular or whole wheat dough which I think is really great even though I have only ever tried the regular. At $4.00 a piece it is rather reasonable but I do suggest buying two because you know I am just like that. So the other day when I was there I ordered one Broccoli and one Beef thinking those would be my favorite two choices. The Beef Empanada is flavored with various spices and has an occasional Raisin mixed in which I could have done without. Not that it's strange or anything but in certain parts of Italy people put Raisins in their Meatballs, however I do not much like that either but I was willing to give this a try. Of course the Broccoli and Cheese was great with a smattering of hot sauce and I finished it rather quickly. With the Beef I decided to take it a bit slower trying to savor the flavor a bit more and to see how much the Raisins would bother me. Let's just say that if I had known there were Raisins in it I wouldn't have ordered it. Now I don't want any of you thinking that I am anti-Raisin, because I am not, I believe in equal rights for all fruit, dried or not. On their own they are a delicious snack and can be exceptionally tasty in one of my Moms Oatmeal cookies or also in a Chunky candy bar (I love Raisinettes too!). Enough about the Raisins. Anyway I highly recommend Ruben's Empanadas which can be found in several locations around the city (I frequent the one at Thompson and Broome), so stop in for a tasty treat that is sure to warm your tummy, even if you order the Beef and don't like Raisins.

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