Tuesday, November 16, 2010

My Early Reaction To NYC's Letter Grades For Cleanliness In Our Restaurants

Just recently I've started noticing the new restaurant grades that are supposed to be posted in the front windows of all restaurants, at least the ones that have been graded so far. Well let's just say I've seen some pretty interesting placements. First off no owner wants to be given a C because that means that major violations have been found in the restaurant. An example of a major violation? Food left out too long. Dirty floors. Fish and meat not kept at proper temperatures for storage, just to name a few. As stated in the guidlines, once a restaurant has received their grade they are to post the sign in a prominent place, preferrably the a front window so that customers can see it. So far every A that I have seen has been pretty easy to spot, not a surprise, one restaurant I saw even had it blown up into a larger sign. We got an A! Yeah! Anyway the C's have been a bit more troubling. Not to finger point but Mangia on 23rd St. got a big fat C and did actually post it in their front window, of course with a giant pine bush placed in front of it. How convenient and within the rules I guess. Restaurants do have a chance to fight the dreaded C and once the re-evaluation is in process they are able to take down their C and replace it with a sign that says grade pending. So I suggest that everyone be on the lookout for these signs to make sure we are not accepting a restaurant that has a C. Also let's hope that all these restaurants clean up their acts, so-to-speak, because we as consumers deserve the best possible product, shit we already pay enough for it as it is!

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