Monday, November 8, 2010

A Great Chicken Sandwich At Goodburger? Who knew?

It actually doesn't look so pretty in the picture does it? No matter, it's the taste thats the key. Seemingly running out of choices that I felt like eating last week, I walked on in to Goodburger feeling a bit defeated that I couldn't come up with something new. Now if I had been hankering for a burger it would certainly have been a great choice even if I have already blogged about them before, but this time I was determined to try something else. Now I wasn't completely sure they actually had anything else so I reserved myself to the fact that I might have to end up with an order of Onion Rings to go, oh well. Thankfully I was relieved to see that they had a choice of either a Grilled or Crispy Chicken sandwich and I suddenly felt the urge to try the Crispy with the hopes that it wouldn't be some frozen board that they warmed up in the microwave. Of course completely unnecessary but delicious, I ordered a sack of Fries to go with my sandwich just in case the sandwich underwhelmed, you know so I wouldn't go hungry. The first thing I noticed when I unwrapped my sandwich was that the Chicken was very thick and stuck out from eaither side offering me a chance to take an un-altered bite of just the Chicken. All I could say! It was really good and high quality for that matter. Of course once I put it all together and took a bite with the bun and all the fixings I was completely satisfied. The Fries became secondary so I covered them in ketchup and ate them all really fast, nothing like warm Fries in a sack! So the next time you are near a Goodburger but don't want a burger, you now know that they have an extra delicious Chicken Sandwich to choose! However it does make me sad that there are no Chick-Fil-A stores in NYC because that's my absolute fave.

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