Thursday, January 24, 2013

brgr Makes The Best Burger In The City...And That's No Joke

So I've just started a new job, actually it's been two days now and I really like it so far, but the best part about it is that it brings me back to a part of town that I haven't frequented in some time...Midtown. Honestly it's not my favorite part of the city, I'm a Downtown kind of guy (sounds like it should be a song,) so it's gonna take some getting used too. As with most parts of the city that I haven't been to in awhile it's changed a lot, so much so that it's almost unrecognizable, ah but who cares. I'm most concerned with the food options.

On my first day at work I set out on what was an incredibly cold day, to find something quickly, but as I like to say just because it's cold and you don't want to go far you don't have to make poor choices. Luckily for me my choice was simple....brgr. A couple of blocks from my office was a place I have always yearned to try especially since I had walked past the one Downtown on 7th too many times when it wasn't meal depressing. There are always those places. They are along your route but because of timing you never really get a chance to try them. Well let's just say that some places are worth making time for.

Now I know brgr is known for their fabulous shakes as it says so on their windows, but their name is why I went, and besides I've never been a huge shake guy. I wanted to know if they had a tasty burger and one that could compare to the best of the city. Let me tell you friends this one probably beats them all...yes I'm talking to you Shake Shack (I still love you though.)

Look at those buns! I am quite the connoisseur of buns. As the old saying goes with great buns comes great burgers, not great pants because I know that's what you were thinking so get your mind out of the gutter. Anyway many things were great about this burger. Especially the extra sour pickle slices which I found delightfully surprising. Usually in a burger you get the run-of-the-mill pickle slices that you can buy at the grocery store but you can tell these were made with care...and a purpose. My taste buds thank you brgr maker.

If you've read my blog before you may have heard me talk glowingly about IN-N-OUT Burger which is a burger chain based out of California and only stretches as far as Dallas. I spent some time out west stuffing my face with a few Animal Style Burgers (I can't tell you what that is, I'd have to kill you first) that I now hold all other burgers up to their standard. Now I've eaten a lot of burgers, a lot, so I know a thing or two, and I know that I really haven't found a burger to match here in NYC. Yes I know people love Shake Shack and so do I, but there is a big difference between being just merely good and being memorable.

brgr was a completely memorable experience.

Above was my side. French Fries, Sweet Potato Fries and Onion Hay, yeah those are some delicious pieces of Onion man. It wasn't enough to plow through a scrumptious, delectable hamburger called 'The Beautiful Day Burger,' but I just had to continue to stuff my pie hole with an amazing amount of salty goodness.

Listen do yourself a favor and go try it out. They have a website:

They have two locations in Manhattan:

7th Ave Between 26th and 27th and

3rd Ave Between 60th and 61st

Eat well my friends...thank me later.

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