Sunday, January 27, 2013

At Bubby's In Tribeca It's All About The Pie...And The Rest Of Lunch Was Pretty Good Too

Oh my that was quite some pie.

I don't often try to rhyme but that was to easy.

My supervisor was nice enough to treat me to lunch the other day and suggested we go to Bubby's in Tribeca at 120 Hudson St, which I had never been. She didn't try and sell it too much but I'm least when it comes to food.

So we braved the frigid weather and walked a couple of blocks down to the restaurant and were promptly seated by the window in the semi-crowded dining room. 9 times out of 10 I am all about the food and that's it, if the place is a shit hole and they make good food I'm happy. However occasionally I get wrapped up in the ambiance of it all and really give the place a once over. And on this particular day there was good reason to since Katniss Everdeen herself (Jennifer Lawrence) was sitting right next to me! Now I am no star monger. I am not in awe of famous people when I see them, but I do like spotting them from time to time, you know to impress my friends back in New Jersey.

After all that excitement there was a meal that needed to be ordered, and first off something to drink...not liquor unfortunately, after all we did have to go back to work.

Normally I wouldn't point out what I had to drink but this was homemade Cola and as you can see it was served in a jelly added bonus. It was really good. Sweet but not overly sweet if that makes any sense.

For my meal I chose the Fried Chicken Biscuit with a side of Cole Slaw, not a stretch but I was feeling like I wanted some comfort food.

Other than that pile of green stuff on top of my piece of Fried Chicken it was really great. After de-flowering the battered breast I cut into the cutlet which was 10 times larger than the poor little biscuit half that was being smothered below. I almost felt sad for it...that was until I ate it as fast as I could. The Chicken was coated with a light Honey Mustard which was just the right touch and didn't overpower the delicious flavor of the white meat. The side of Cole Slaw was good but it needed a little salt and pepper but that's no crime. Honestly though it all paled in comparison to what was coming next, a virtual curveball thrown by the waitress who I'd mostly ignored.

She asked if we wanted some dessert and we were both going to pass...that was until she told us it was National Pie Day which peaked our interest immediately. She rattled off several special choices but she already had me at Lemon...(you complete me)

"I'll take the Lemon one you talked about." I said not even remembering the exact description, but it just sounded too damn good. It's called the Shaker Lemon Pie and was one of the best Pie experiences I've ever had, and I'm not kidding, in fact I am still thinking about it. What stuck out to me was the Lemon Zest pieces that were in the Pie giving it almost a Sour Lemonade flavor that just worked perfectly with the amazing crust and the cream that was on the side.

So if nothing else everyone needs to try the Pie.

Like I said Bubby's is located at 120 Hudson Street and is unfortunately battling some ugly NYC street construction out front but don't let that stop you. If it does click the link below for the actual recipe of the Shaker Lemon Pie, and as usual you can thank me later...

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