Friday, November 14, 2014

Tres Carnes Is My New Not-So-Secret Obsession

This picture just doesn't do it justice...

For a short time recently I have been completely obsessed with the Tres Carnes on the corner of 22nd and 6th Avenue, and as it stands nothing will change that fact anytime soon. Is it a problem? Heck no, it's freaking delicious. Now if you are a HUGE fan of Chipotle cover your ears, I mean cover your eyes, Tres Carnes puts Chipotle to shame!!!
Ok that's a bit dramatic but so is their Smoked Brisket Bowl! And their Smoked Pork Shoulder or their Smoked Chicken Bowl...hence the name.

When I first came upon their amazing establishment I was on my normal investigative quest to find someplace I had never eaten before...actually it's more like I wandered aimlessly until I couldn't take the growling in my stomach any longer. Sometimes being a foodie you need to have a plan, you simply just can't spend your lunch hours wandering because before you know it you don't even have time to eat. However there is something extra satisfying in finding something new and delicious just by chance. In those cases I know I feel a bit more victorious since no one told me about it and I didn't read about it online, nothing told me to go there but my curiosity of finding the next great place. And I did!

The place is no secret as it is always packed (get there before 12:30!,) plus they already have 3 locations and a new one about to open...I'll discuss later. The atmosphere is loud, fun, cramped, and everything you want in a great Fast Casual establishment. Not only that they have some really great art painted on their walls which just adds to their fun atmosphere. But it's all about the food...

Great meat is at the core of Tres Carnes (again hence the name,) and it's the reason I keep going back. 

Not too long ago as I was heading for the train station on 23rd street I noticed a commotion of Fire trucks parked on the corner of 22nd and 6th but in New York those sightings are a dime-a-dozen, so as usual I paid it no mind. I came to find that the fire had been in the building where Tres Carnes resides and it had been damaged and had to shut down for repairs!!! THE HORROR! I never missed it so much in my newest food crush. Of course in a city this big the first worry is that they had to shutter and couldn't handle the re-do, meaning that they may never open again. Had they shut all their locations? Had Chipotle secretly devised a plan to take out a better competitor? (relax Chipotle, I still have much love for you)

Of course not but before I found out the deal, they would re-open in a few weeks, I was genuinely worried. Why? Great food like this is still hard to come by for such a great price, especially so close to where I worked.

Thankfully they re-opened with an incredible response with long, long lines of hungry admirers all as glad as I was that I could again stuff my face with their scrumptious meaty goodness.

I have to point this out, it's no laughing matter...simply stated it's wasn't just the meat that had me coming back time and time again. There I said it. It's out in the open for everyone to see, the underbelly of my food fascinations...Pickled Onions.

Their bright pink colored Pickled Onions are to die for. Silly I know but sometimes I obsess over the littlest things...isn't that the way it should be with food? I remember my first trip to BRGR where they advertised the best milkshakes in the city where I was amazed by the Pickles? Is there a theme here? Yup. 

It's the cherry on top of the Hot Fudged Sundae. The Mustard on the Dog. The Sugar in my cup o' Joe. Well, that's my opinion. Of course their Onions have inspired me to get into a Pickle craze at home, but so far mine just haven't stacked up. So hey! Tres Carnes! I wouldn't mind the recipe, please!

Either way I'm a happy fan...

Tres Carnes Locations:

688 6th Ave (mine, so go find another)

101 Maiden Ln

954 Third Ave

and Soon to Open 817 Second Ave

Please follow them at:

@TresCarnes on Twitter and trescarnes on Instagram

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