Monday, October 27, 2014

There Are Still No Signs That IN-N-OUT is coming to NYC...Bummer

I write this knowing that lots and lots of people LOVE Shake Shack, this is not a slight against them, but for those of us who love IN-N-OUT Burger here on the East Coast, Shake Shack will never be a substitute. Of course I am completely biased but that's what makes me a foodie. I'm passionate about the food I love, in fact I might even be a bit snobbish at times, but no matter what it's a lot of fun to debate what's the best hamburger or what the best slice of pizza is in NYC, for example.

The bottom line for me is 'why isn't there an IN-N-OUT on the East Coast?' So far there is no real good reason, or at least I haven't heard a good one yet. Maybe it's a stupid thing to think about, and believe me I think about it all the time, but when you're a Foodie that's what we do. Apparently I'm not the only one....

Yes, I signed the petition...I'm not ashamed to say so either.

I know the deal...there has to be a meat processing plant in a days driving distance of an IN-N-OUT location for there to be an IN-N-OUT location and currently the closest one is in Dallas,TX. So that means that there will not be an IN-N-OUT Burger in NYC anytime soon. Oh well, thankfully there's lots of choices in the City for me to obsess Num Pang and CoolHaus to name a few, but I'll never stop hoping for my favorite burger to show up in NYC one day in the future...

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